About Us

Founded by industry-savvy women, Entangled Publishing’s bold new business model combines powerhouse distribution with the agility of indie publishing, utilizing innovative digital strategies to connect with readers around the world.

Our revolutionary approach to publishing has led to phenomenal growth and success. The company opened for submissions in February 2011. Our first print titles released in August 2011, and we launched our first category romance imprint six months later. We now have 11 imprints serving the teen and adult romance marketplace, have signed over 600 authors, and release 35-50 books each month, selling an average 70,000 total copies every week.

To date, we have 36 USA TODAY and 14 New York Times bestsellers. Entangled was also the first small press to crack the New York Times Bestselling Children’s Series list, debuting at #4.



Entangled’s titles are distributed by Macmillan, one of the largest book distributors in the world. Our books are available at major online retailers around the world, as well as through trial runs with the newest subscription venues. Additionally, we have a joint partnership with St. Martin’s Press that enables us to showcase a select number of books in mass-market paperback.

Several imprints are released simultaneously in print and digital with placement in brick and mortar stores, maximizing visibility and availability to our target audience. Others are released as digital-first titles with print copies available via major online retailers using print-on-demand technology. Many of our titles are also released in audio format.

Authors may be invited to write across our digital-first and print imprints. The decision is dependent on the author’s platform and branding, series concept, and momentum within the marketplace. Authors who have successfully crossed over are Jennifer L. Armentrout, Laura Kaye, Tessa Bailey, Gina L. Maxwell, Rachel Harris, Katee Robert, Ophelia London, Tonya Burrows, and Nina Croft.



Our marketing team prides itself on thinking outside of the box while remaining sharp, savvy, and connected. Every book we publish receives a unique, custom-tailored marketing plan that we revisit regularly to ensure continued sales. One of the advantages of digital publishing is that no book is “old.” There are always new readers to reach, and it’s our goal to help them find our books.



At Entangled Publishing, we believe authors who write great books should receive a majority of the profits. As such, we’re proud to offer some of the highest royalties in the industry. Digital-first releases receive up to 35% of cover price, while print royalties begin at 7.5% of cover price. When releasing simultaneously in print via brick and mortar bookstores, ebook royalties are 20% of cover price.


Your Team

Authors who sign with Entangled become part of a team committed to their success. From award-winning editors to a proven marketing team focused on making every book a bestseller to our copywriters, cover artists, and managing editors, Entangled is our authors’ loudest supporter and advocate.


Our Imprints

Single-title Imprints

  • Entangled Select (adult single title)
  • Entangled Select is our adult romance imprint, encompassing all subgenres of romance including contemporary, suspense, sci-fi, historical, paranormal and fantasy. The romance should be a primary focus in the story, and heat levels vary.

  • Entangled TEEN (young adult single title)
  • Entangled TEEN is a high-concept, engaging line of books geared to the young adult audience. We accept submissions in all subgenres including contemporary, suspense, sci-fi, historical, paranormal and fantasy, and require there be at least a romantic subplot.

  • Embrace (new adult single title)
    Embrace ushers readers from the halls of high school graduation into the wide open world beyond. With protagonists typically ranging from 18-22, Embrace publishes high-concept stories that focus on the endless possibilities this stage in life brings, and above all, romance. Heat levels vary.


Category Romance Imprints

Our category romance imprints are released digital-first across a wide variety of platforms. With high royalty rates and price points that attract buyers, these lines have been very successful for Entangled and its authors. More information on the specific imprints can be found on their respective submission pages.

  • Brazen (sexy contemporary category romance with high heat levels)
  • Lovestruck (flirty contemporary category romance about finding love in the modern world)
  • Bliss (sweet contemporary category romance with a small-town, family vibe)
  • Indulgence (contemporary category romance with rich and powerful alpha heroes)
  • Ignite (suspenseful category romance)
  • Scandalous (historical category romance)
  • Covet (contemporary category romance with a paranormal twist)
  • TEEN Crush (teen contemporary category romance )
  • TEEN Crave (teen contemporary category romance with a paranormal twist)

Entangled Publishing continues to break the traditional publishing mold by offering every author strong editorial support, a personalized marketing plan, and world-class distribution for all of their titles. If you’re interested in querying Entangled Publishing, please visit our submissions portal.