Shea Berkley is the author of The Keeper of Life series for Entangled Publishing. "My series is all about monsters, magic, and mayhem that take the reader on a wild fun-filled ride." When Shea isn't writing, she's doing random activities to keep her mind occupied and away from causing trouble. Whether it's kickboxing, driving waaay too fast or baking waay too many cookies, she does it like a pro. But mostly you can find her licking chocolate off her fingers and keyboard as she types (she takes multitasking to new levels) 'cause those pesky people in her head won't leave her alone. There's probably medication for that, but she refuses to silence the muse.

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Seven Out-of-this-World Teen Novels

SEVEN NEVER-BEFORE-BUNDLED NOVELS FROM SEVEN FABULOUS YA AUTHORS Fans of teen paranormal romance won’t want to...

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The Rising King

The summer before Dylan Kennedy’s senior year in high school is turning out to be anything but boring....

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The Fallen Prince

Dylan finally feels like he has it all. He’s back home in the human realm with his beautiful girlfriend,...

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The Marked Son

Seventeen-year-old Dylan Kennedy always knew something was different about him, but until his mother abandoned him...

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