The Management

Liz Pelletier, Publisher
Liz Pelletier is co-founder of Entangled Publishing and Savvy Media Services, which owns Savvy Authors. In addition to running a successful publishing house, Liz teaches courses on editing, query writing, and contract negotiations. She has also held board positions for various writing associations, managed and organized several writing conferences, and hosted a variety of free educational workshops for aspiring and established authors. Although she served part-time for twenty years as the senior editor for a broadly-circulated, weekly industry newspaper, she also ran her own successful freelance consulting business for more than twenty years, often hired to leverage technological advances and more efficient workflow designs to increase profit margins. She uses these same skills to oversee all aspects of book production and distribution at Entangled. Liz also maintains her own stable of authors whom she either personally edits or works with an Associate Editor as a guiding influence and mentor. Find her on Twitter at @Liz_Pelletier.


Heather Riccio, Assistant Publisher
Heather has worked with Entangled since December 2011, utilizing her strong background in marketing and publicity to work her way up to assistant publisher. Her Masters degree is in Fiction Writing and her undergraduate degree is a double degree in English and Anthropology from University of California, Riverside. She also works for Bowker part-time as a market researcher, which keeps her up-to-date on book trends. On the side, Heather can also be found doing pro-bono work as the Director of Partnerships for Project Migration, a fashion accessories company with a charitable initiative, and  as the Features Editor for Urbanette magazine. Her life-long goal is to work for Entangled and write at night! Find her on Twitter @HeatherRiccio.


Stacy C. Abrams, Executive Editorial Director of Entangled Teen and Bliss
Stacy Abrams, co-founder of Entangled Publishing, started in the publishing industry in 2002, most recently leaving a seven-year stint at Bloomsbury Publishing’s children’s division to join the Entangled team. Stacy has edited such award-winning and high-caliber YA authors as Jessica Warman, Tracy Deebs, Alex Scarrow, and Michelle Rowen, among many others, and her books have earned starred reviews from all the major review journals. In addition to editing, she has been a freelance copy editor for several major New York publishing houses. She earned her Bachelor’s in English at Northwestern University and currently resides in New York City with her husband and too-cute puppy. Find her on Twitter at @StacyAbramsEdit.


Heather Howland, Editorial Director of Brazen
Heather Howland, co-founder of Entangled Publishing, began editing in the legal, industrial, and technical sectors ten years ago while working as a production manager. Before joining the Entangled family, she worked as a freelance editor and as the acquisitions editor of a small romance publisher. She now edits popular authors such as NYT bestsellers Katee Robert, Laura Kaye, Tessa Bailey and Kelsie Leverich, USA TODAY bestsellers Samanthe Beck, Cari Quinn, and Misty Evans, and up-and-coming rock stars Tonya Burrows and Nicolette Day. In her spare time, Heather hosts craft chats, teaches editing workshops for various organizations, and mentors YA authors through the writing and editing process. She holds a BS in creative writing and psychology, which she channels into her love of dark and sexy romantic fiction. Find her on Twitter at @HeatherHowland.


Melanie Smith, Financial Director
Melanie Smith, co-founder of Entangled Publishing, brings fifteen years of experience in the corporate world to her role as Financial Director. A Program Manager with Hewlett Packard, Melanie holds a MS in mathematics, a MA in education, and is an MBA candidate. With her PMP Certification and ten years experience managing million-dollar revenue-generating software projects, she is uniquely qualified to leverage her skillset across the complex landscape of copyright and royalty management.


Melissa “Misa” Bourbon Ramirez, Executive Publicity Director
Misa Ramirez, co-founder of Entangled Publishing, started her career in the publishing industry as an author more than twelve years ago, has two best selling mystery series, and runs a vibrant author marketing website. She teaches creative writing with Southern Methodist University’s CAPE program, as well as online, and is the marketing director for Entangled Publishing where she directs publicity and marketing for the Covet, Flirt, Ever After, and Brazen lines.  Misa loves working behind the scenes to help other authors build their platforms and find great success with their novels.  She believes in a strong partnership between authors and their publishers and fully embraces the Entangled philosophy of ‘no book being left behind’.  Find her on Twitter at @MisaRamirez.


Jessica Turner, Marketing Director
Jessica had no idea how much assuming the moniker “The Spinecracker” would completely change her life. In 2010 while working as the marketing assistant and social media director for a real estate firm in San Diego, she began reviewing books on her personal book blog. Always the chatterbox, she quickly befriended authors, publishers, and fellow reviewers. She had the opportunity to become a freelance writer for and later the Huffington Post. But her dream was to always find a way in to the magical word of publishing. Jessica was hired by Entangled Publishing in July 2012 as a publicist. She has since moved into a Publicity Director role and has resigned from her other job, as she’s found her dream job once and for all. She can be found on twitter @TheSpinecracker