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Brazen, our bestselling sexy contemporary romance line, explores what happens when romance begins in the bedroom. These steamy category-style romances blend bright new voices with familiar tropes, allowing readers to enjoy the more seductive side of modern relationships. Whether they’re witty and playful, or lush and intense, our books are always fast-paced, dialogue-heavy, and above all, sexy. If you like your heroes hot, the sex hotter, and a swoon-worthy romance to swoop in and save your happily ever after, Brazen has the story for you.

Unleash your inner vixen. We know you want to.


Specifically, we want:

  • High heat level. Brazen books are steamy and should contain 5+ sex or sexual scenes. We do not publish erotica or straight erotic romance (see trope requirements below), but explicit sex scenes and erotic elements/kinks organic to the characters’ sexual tastes are musts. Menage is allowed on a case-by-case basis, provided the HEA only involves the two main characters.
  • Proven category tropes such as mistaken identity, revenge, one-night-stand, older brother’s best friend, enemies-to-lovers, best friends-to-lovers, bait and switch,┬ámatchmaker, sexy protectors, opposites attract, boardroom romance, etc. Bonus points if you combine a few of them into one story!
  • Sexy, capable heroes paired with spunky and/or sweet women (or men!) who come into their own by book’s end. Our heroes are a big part of the Brazen experience. Think military (current and former), bad-boys and anti-heroes, athletes, cowboys, private security teams, firefighters, cops, small town-boys-done-good, sexy nerds with a hidden dominant side, and self-made corporate geniuses. Our heroes are the primary difference between Brazen and Indulgence. Indulgence heroes are seemingly unattainable fantasy men who have wealth and power and know how to wield it. Think royalty, CEOs, and billionaires who enjoy whisking heroines off to private islands.
  • Diversity. In addition to traditional M/F romance, we’re open to M/M and F/F category romance. Multicultural characters are welcome!
  • POV should be split 50/50 between the hero and heroine. 3rd person POV is preferred, but we will consider 1st person POV.
  • Stories that focus on the physical relationship. This is the most important difference between Brazen and Entangled’s other category imprints, specifically Lovestruck and Bliss. On Lovestruck, sex is the result of the emotional connection, not a driving force of the story. On Bliss, the focus is on family and community within the growing romance. Sex scenes are limited, and often closed door. Here at Brazen, the opposite is the case—the explosive physical connection between the hero and heroine is the story. It sets up the conflict, provides a vehicle for growth, and propels the characters toward love. Remove the sex and there’d be no romance.
  • A note about suspense. We love sexy cops and private security heroes, but if your romance to suspense ratio is greater than 85/15, it’s likely better suited for Ignite. They love steamy books just as much as we do!
  • Authors with voices we love:┬áTessa Bailey, Gina L. Maxwell, Laura Kaye, Elle Kennedy, Cari Quinn, Megan Erickson, Sara Jane Stone, Christine Bell, and Samanthe Beck.

The fine print:

  • Manuscripts should be between 20k-60K words in length.
  • Unless you are an established category romance author querying on proposal, manuscripts must be complete prior to submission.
  • Revised backlist titles will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • We accept both agented and unagented submissions at this time.


To submit a manuscript for consideration, please use the following link:

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