Covet Submission Guidelines

Contemporary romance with a twist… We’re seeking paranormal stories with fresh voices, between 55k and 70K words in length. Stories need a romantic trope and an alpha hero at their core, with paranormal elements woven into the storyline. For example, a story could have the best friends to lovers trope and the best friend happens to be a vampire. The paranormal element is secondary to the trope and shouldn’t eclipse their growing relationship. The three pillars of Covet are trope, alpha male, and growing relationship between the hero and heroine.

Covet will cater to everything from Greek gods, to witches, to vampires, open door and closed door sex scenes, funny and dark. Voices like Erin McCarthy, Shelly Laurenston, Gena Showalter, and Nalini Singh are good examples of the kind of exciting, fast-paced voices that will appeal most to Covet readers.


Specifically, we want:

  • Quality, fast-paced storytelling with engaging dialogue and fresh voices.
  • Active story lines. A minimum of narrative sequel.
  • Stories focused on the heroine and hero falling in love; their trope is the main focus. The paranormal element should be the secondary focus.
  • Bold authors who aren’t afraid to push creative boundaries.
  • Prolific authors who can write three to four books a year are a plus.
  • Stories can be closed door to very hot with explicit language, but we do not want erotica.
  • Manuscripts must be 60-70K words in length.
  • We accept both agented and unagented submissions.


To submit a manuscript for consideration, please use the following link:

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