Entangled IGNITE Submission Guidelines


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IGNITE Submission Guidelines

IGNITE is Entangled Publishing’s imprint for romantic suspense/mystery/thriller novels. Our editors are looking for fresh, bold voices, fast-paced dialogue, and compelling stories that will pull our readers into a page-turning world of steamy romance, intrigue, thrills, chills, and sizzling adventure. A quick-moving, tightly written story that culminates in “Happily Ever After” of “Happy For Now” is crucial.

Whether your mystery, suspense, or thriller is gothicly dark, sassy and humorous, or a whirlwind adventure, if it centers on a romance with a happy, committed ending, we want to see it!

Put a match to our emotions. Set fire to our senses. Ignite our passions. Make us think—be irreverent. Make our hearts pound or make us ROFL. We want to feel the rush of adrenaline and the sizzle of attraction. Give us the book you’d want to read and that your audience won’t be able to put down even if they have to lie awake all night reading.

As do all our lines, IGNITE offers authors e-royalties up to 40% of cover price. These books will be priced competitively, and sold digitally-only for now.

Specifically, our IGNITE editors want to see:
• 10k-80K word, compelling novels and novellas filled with romance, danger, excitement, and flair
• Smart and sexy to outright erotic romance with well-developed characters and emotional depth
• Quality storytelling, quality writing, expertly crafted story-structure that seamlessly weaves romance with suspense, mystery, or thrills
• A ratio of 60% romance to 40% suspense/mystery/intrigue—the romance is key
• The HEA or Happy For Now should be what the readers are left with

• Every Ignite title—including those with continuing characters as in Jodi Linton’s Deputy Laney Briggs series—needs to:

    Stand Alone
    Include an HEA or HFN regardless of whether or not those characters will return in or be the focus of the next book in a series

• Proven tropes such as Gothic suspense, forced proximity, intimate strangers, enemies to lovers, bodyguards/military heroes/spies/cops/etc., and reluctant partners in crime or justice are ones we love—as long as the story has a strong, committed romance driving the action
• Characters who are just starting out and finding their way in life, rather than fully established in their careers
• Fresh, bold, fast-paced storytelling driven by romance and dialogue
• The hero and heroine must be on the page together for the majority of the book
• From unpublished authors: stand-alone books only—submit the full manuscript with a synopsis; self-published authors who have not previously worked with a publisher, please include a synopsis with your completed manuscript
• From published authors: single or multi-author series or continuities are welcome
• IGNITE accepts both agented and un-agented submissions
Examples of what we’re looking for:
• Relationships similar to the one in J. Lynn’s WAIT FOR ME (but with a suspense/mystery/intrigue/adventure chaser!)
• Passion and suspense that brings to mind the movie BODY HEAT—with a happily ever after or happy for now climax.
• Stories as compelling as those in Stephanie Freeman’s Necessary Evil series
• Characters whose behavior and attitudes are so irreverent or outside the box that we’re taken by surprise or have to laugh such as those in Leslie Langtry’s Bombay Family of Assassins series, or like Grandma Mazur in Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum books (although we’re looking for much younger main characters ☺)
• Fresh voices like Jodi Linton, Tricia Skinner, Annie Seaton, Tiffany Allee, Jody Wallace

To submit a manuscript for consideration, please use the following link:

Submit to Entangled IGNITE