Indulgence Submission Guidelines


Indulgence is a line of category romance novels priced at $2.99 and sold digitally. Since launching in February 2012, we have singlehandedly changed the face of category romance and made it something readers look forward to picking up every month. Category romance is hot and fun again!

We are looking for fresh voices and realistic stories that reflect how young women live and love today. These stories are active, fast-paced, and dialogue-heavy, that use timeless, classic romance tropes and hooks to drive the story.

At the heart of every Indulgence is a Fantasy Hero, the ultimate man women want to dream about and live with for a short while.

Powerful heroes. Passionate romance. That’s Indulgence.


Specifically, we want:

  • Proven category tropes such as matchmakers, ugly duckling, friends to lovers, revenge, blackmail, enemies to lovers, mistaken identity. We use three tropes per story.
  • Stories featuring alpha heroes and the confident women who love them.
  • Stories must focus on the hero and heroine alone; no secondary characters as main characters with their own POV.
  • Strong conflict. Cannot be stressed enough. What is keeping these two apart and how do they overcome the obstacles? Please have clear and convincing GMC for hero and heroine.
  • The sensuality level is between Bliss and Brazen, our sister category romance imprints – middle of the road sensuality is what we strive for.
  • Unsure whether you’ve written an Indulgence or a Brazen? If the emotional connection between your characters drives the romance (and the sex!), Indulgence is the imprint for you. Brazen focuses on the physical relationship between the characters first and as the first reason why the hero and heroine are driven together. Not so in Indulgence.
  • Manuscripts must be 45-60K words in length.
  • Authors who are willing to edit and work with us in a collaborative process to make the manuscript the best it can be.

We accept agented and unagented submissions.
To submit a manuscript for consideration, please use the following link:

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