Scandalous Submission Guidelines


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Scandalous is a historical category romance imprint of Entangled Publishing priced at $2.99 and sold digitally. Historical doesn’t mean antiquated! Passion and romance are exciting in any era. And torrid love affairs are even more illicit when social mores forbid the entanglement. These stories are bold, sexy, and heartfelt, and can be funny, action-packed, mysterious, dramatic, but above all…scandalous.

Specifically, we want:

  • Quality, well-researched story-telling and authors who aren’t afraid to push creative boundaries
  • Emotional depth depicted through strong conflict, theme, symbolism, and sub-text
  • Stories focused on the heroine and hero falling in love. The pair should be together on page for the majority of the story.
  • Strong conflict. What is keeping these two apart and how do they overcome the obstacles?
  • Sensual stories—closed door scenes are acceptable, but sexual tension must be tight throughout.
  • Time periods: Through WWII
  • Heroines who are age 17+, confident, and can be unconventional (a scientist, for example).
  • Stories that feature an alpha male, whether he be the captain of a ship, royalty, a military hero, pirate, Viking, sheriff, explorer, club owner…you name it—readers of historical romance know that contemporary alpha heroes like billionaires, sport stars, and Navy SEALs used to be called Dukes, Laird, Vikings, and Byronic. These are the original alpha men.
  • Proven category tropes—tropes aren’t stifling; they are auto-buy triggers for lots of readers. Best friend’s little sister, tortured hero, spinster/wallflower, enemies to lovers, fake engagement, forced marriage are just a few
  • POV should be split 50/50 between the hero and heroine. 3rd person POV is preferred, but we will consider 1st person POV.
  • Time travel welcome but alternate/manipulation of history cannot be the focal point
  • Sensual stories, but the heat level should grow organically from the characters, their situations and emotions. We are not looking for erotica, and closed door is also fine on occasion. Though the heat level may be sweet, the sexual tension must be strong
  • Manuscripts must be 45-65K words in length. Novellas will be considered from 15-30k.
  • Revised backlist titles will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • We accept agented and un-agented submissions.


Of Particular interest at this time:

  • Stories set in the Scottish Highlands
  • Stories set in WWI and WWII
  • Multi-cultural and racially diverse protagonists—we currently have a shortage of these heroes and heroines!
  • Love is love—Scandalous does not discriminate against our characters based on their sexuality—gay protagonists are welcome. The heat level qualifications are the same as for heterosexual romance and the story must focus on the characters falling in love, not the erotic content of their sex scenes


To submit a manuscript for consideration, please use the following link:

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